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english 11 plus exam

English For the 11 Plus Exam

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Course Description

Welcome to the English for 11 Plus course, the only course you need to learn, revise and practice English for the 11 Plus Exam. Though there are other online options available for English courses, is one of the most effective on the market.

The course includes:

Bite-sized, focused lessons
Top tips and techniques to address the topic during the 11 Plus Exam
Professional and concise curated videos
1 000s of corrected exercises to practice and build confidence
Fun slides
Handy downloads
Huge variety of exercises (including cloze, standard, multiple-choice questions, “drag the word” and “mark the word” exercises)
Flash cards to review your child’s understanding
Untimed quizzes to build confidence and accuracy
Timed quizzes to improve speed and enhance ability to work under pressure
Educational games (accessible when the lesson has been completed)

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What will my child get from this course?
A comprehensive review of the Grammar topic needed to answer the 11 Plus questions, including:
Verbs (tenses, imperatives, auxiliary verbs)
Nouns (common, proper, collective, abstract & concrete)
Abbreviations and contractions

Unlimited access to 1 000s of quizzes to reinforce recall, speed and accuracy
Confidence in your child’s ability to cope with a variety of comprehension questions
Freedom to practice anywhere (with an Internet connection)
Flexibility to practice and learn at a time that suits you and your child
Reports and grading show areas of strength and weakness
Parental reports and dashboard will help you better facilitate your child’s study time

Who is the target audience?
This course is for Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 students preparing for the 11 Plus and common entrance exams.
This course is ideal for parents who want to follow a DIY approach or to supplement tutor sessions with specific and targeted review and practice.
If there’s just one course for your child to take in order to learn everything needed to pass the 11 Plus, it’s this one!

Course Content

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Grammar for the 11 Plus
Spelling for the 11 Plus
Vocabulary for the 11 Plus
Sorting Letters for 11 Plus Exam
Word Choices for the 11 Plus
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