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Succeeding on the big day – Tips for the 11 Plus Exam day


With the big day fast approaching, use these top tips to make 11 Plus Exam day a great one.


You’ve put in the work, and soon it’s time to sit your 11 Plus Exam.

There’s no need to let butterflies and nerves affect your ability to do well. Just follow these tips for making the most of the exam day.


 Preparing for the day


  1. Make sure you’ve prepared properly long before exam time.
  2. On the night before your exam, no studying! Watch some TV, listen to music, or play a computer game.
  3. Go to bed early. If you’re feeling nervous, you might not sleep well so get an early night.
  4. Set your alarm and ask your parents to set one too so you get up at the right time.
  5. Nerves can make you lose your appetite, but it’s important to eat breakfast. Have oats, brown toast or even some eggs.
  6. Take a snack to eat before you go into your exam. Make sure it’s not junk though or you’ll get brain fog and struggle to concentrate.
  7. Make sure you’ve timed and practiced getting to the exam venue so you and your parents know how long and what route to take without getting lost.
  8. Arrive at your exam 30 minutes early so you can relax and get comfortable with your surroundings.
  9. Check if you need to take any stationery or exam supplies with you to the exam.
  10. Don’t forget to drink water in the morning, and take a bottle of water with you to the exam.
  11. Go to the toilet before your exam starts.
  12. When you arrive, don’t talk about the exam with other children, they can stress you out or confuse you.


When your exam starts


  1. Before you start, take a few deep breaths and get into the zone.
  2. Remember to say good things to yourself like I can do this! I’m smart! I know my stuff!
  3. Your exam is timed, but it’s not a race, don’t rush!
  4. Before you answer any questions, skim over the paper and underline important instructions.
  5. Figure out how much time you can spend on each section.
  6. Read every question in full before you answer it. Then read it again. What is being asked?
  7. Answer easy questions first, then come back to the ones that are a bit trickier.
  8. Don’t compare yourself to the other students. Just focus on you and your test.
  9. Remember to take a sip of water now and again, but not too much or you’ll need the toilet!
  10. When you’ve finished a section, take a small break. Look up from your paper, take a few deep breaths, roll your shoulders, and clear your mind for the next section.

What happens after?

It might feel strange having prepared for so long and now it’s all over. When you walk out of your exam, try not to worry about how you did. If you’re upset, talk to your parents. Don’t beat yourself up if things didn’t go well. Life is a long journey and there are opportunities around every corner. Use the lessons you learned preparing for this exam for the ones you’ll write in the future.


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