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Technology, studying and your child – Benefits of online 11 Plus Training


Reasons you should consider online 11 Plus Exam prep.


You just need to look around you to see how different the world is compared to when you were 11 years old. The pace of the world is faster, educational demands are greater, and pressure to perform is high. Fortunately, there are many things that are far better than when you were a child too – like online resources for exam prep, fun games to encourage engaged learning, and the ability to study anytime, anywhere without the load of books that accompanied you everywhere.


The benefits of online learning

With an Internet connection and a desktop, laptop or smart device, online 11 Plus Exam preparation can take a lot of pressure off your child simply by:

  • Making study time convenient and flexible.
  • Offering thousands of lessons, videos, quizzes, time and untimed mock exams without literally carrying them around.
  • Tailoring your child’s study plan around their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Realtime corrections and explanations to facilitate learning.
  • Monitoring your child’s progress relative to their peers.
  • Unlimited access to practice for all the 11 Plus Exam subjects.
  • Using educational games to enhance deep learning and recall.
  • Timed tests help simulate the real exam to build confidence and cope with time pressure.
  • Preparation goes a long way in developing confidence and skills for the 11 Plus Exam. See our tips on how to support your child.



The right kinds of learning for your child

Of course, one of the main benefits to online learning is the volume of information your child has access to. Every child is different, and so their learning requirements will be different, too. With traditional learning formats, a one-size-fits-all approach to learning can leave some children feeling bored and unstimulated, while leaving other children confused and overwhelmed.

With online learning, clever algorithms can assess your child based on their performance, and highlight areas requiring more focus, areas of strength, and recommend study plans, levels and tests that will keep your child motivated and engaged on their path to 11 Plus Exam success.

The cost factor

A huge benefit to online learning is the ease of access and lack of physical learning materials. This means that costs are significantly lower than using a tutor, or buying study packages in the form of books or DVDs. What’s more, because there’s unlimited access to materials and practice rounds, your child will grow in confidence and skill to tackle unexpected questions, and there’s little chance of getting bored of the same thing while practice makes perfect.

Greater interaction and concentration

Attention spans of today’s children can be cause for concern. The trouble is, the world has changed significantly in the last two decades, children can operate smart phones at three-years-old, while education has lagged behind. With online resources like, content is up-to-date, engineered and researched-backed to keep your child engaged and concentrating for far longer than if they were looking at traditional books and papers.

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